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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps
Ionize and Vitalize Your Indoor Air

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Now you can purify the air in any room while enjoying the low ambient glow of a Himalayan Ionic Natural Crystal Salt Lamp or Candle Holder. This 250 million year old salt crystal unlocks the door to wellbeing and tranquility. Quarried deep in the mines of the majestic Himalayan Mountains, each piece of Himalayan Crystal Salt Products is carefully sculpted by hand to maintain its natural beauty and original composition

Product Features

This product makes for a unique and beautiful gift. Due to the nature of natural salt, each crystal, even the same size, varies in terms of weight, shape and color. It is Premium quality - there is no salt in the world that compares to Himalayan salt in purity and beauty. It is hand carved to retain the unique, natural look of the salt crystals.

Ancient Healing Remedy

Salt Mine2000 years ago, the Himalayan mountains revealed one of their deepest and oldest secrets: a 250 million year old natural salt crystal deposit. The pink salt crystal is hand chipped from the mine and shaped by local artisans into unique lamps then mounted on a Neem wood base.

The translucent crystal, once lit, emits negative ions that naturally refresh the air while casting a warm and flattering glow that makes any room feel welcome. A scientific study has shown that the lighted salt lamp increases the negative ion count up to 600%. (Alpha Lab Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

The benefits of salt therapy are well known in Europe, where there are many salt spas, some in operation since the mid 1800s. This traditional therapy is now being introduced in the United States and other parts of the World and its positive effects on health are felt and endorsed by thousands.

Light Therapy

Just as our health is affected by the air we breathe and the water we drink, our health is also affected by the quality of light we are surrounded by.

The Himalayan Ionic Salt Crystal Lamp is not only beautiful, but its glowing hues of orange, promote calm and peaceful relaxation. Many people say that when they use the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp as a night light, or just sit next to it, they become less stressed and more creative. Color is important to our mood and emotional state.

Red - The provocative glow of red powers up our vital forces and gives instant emotional boost.
Apricot - Promotes open mindedness and increases energy.
Orange - Relaxes tension and improves creativity.
White - Transforms chaos to a healing sense of calm and give total body harmony.

What kind of Maintenance does a Himalayan Ionic Salt Crystal Product require?

There is almost no maintenance required for this lamp. It is easy to clean. Just wipe off the outside surface with a damp sponge and dry off with a paper towel. You could change the color of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area.

What size of an Ionic Salt Crystal Lamp gives the best results?

A rough rule of thumb is 2 pounds for every 10 square feet. Here is what is recommended.

Room Size Lamp Size
Cubic/Office 8-12 lbs.
10' x 10' 14-22 lbs.
10' x 15' 24-30 lbs.
10' x 20' 32-46 lbs.
For optimal results in large rooms, several lamps should be strategically placed throughout the room.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are natural air ionizers which:

  • Reduce airborne dust, pollen and smoke levels.

  • Reduce airborne transmission of disease.

  • Boost your daytime energy.

  • Help alleviate depression.

  • Relieve Stress.

  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in higher alertness.

  • Increases aerobic metabolism.

*About 1/3 of the human population is particularly sensitive to negative ions and benefit more from negative ions compared to others.

Salt lamps are used by holistic medicine practitioners for:

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Sinusitis

  • Hay Fever

  • Migraine Headaches

  • Respiratory Problems

  • Depression

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Hypertension

How Does the Crystal Salt Lamp clean the air?

Salt MineRemove pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi), allergens (pollen, etc.) and other airborne irritants (smoke) from the room air. Salt has a natural affinity for water (H2O). We can readily see that by setting a bowl of salt out on the counter- it will absorb moisture (water vapor) from right out of the air in the room, which results in it caking together. This is why you so often find grains of rice mixed in with the salt in restaurants.

Himalayan Salt already contains minute amounts of water dispersed throughout the extremely fine crystal structure, but it is looking for more. When using a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp this affinity for water can be amplified many times in potency. The heat generated by the low wattage light bulb burning inside the Salt Crystal Lamp has the effect of turning on the crystal, so that it attracts the water vapor in the room at an even greater amount than when unlit. With the Lamp now drawing larger quantities of vapor towards itself, the vapor, and anything hitching a ride on it (such as bacteria or pollen, for example) will momentarily condensate on the surface of the Salt Crystal Lamp. This results in a microscopic pool of water, which then immediately dissolves the salt it contacts, forming a salt solution.

As a child, whenever we had a sore throat, what did our mother tell us to do? Gargle with salt water! Why? Because when the salt in the salt water came in contact with the bacteria causing our sore throat it would kill the bacteria. Well, that same process occurs at the microscopic level right on the surface of the lamp. Virtually any pathogen finding itself in the salt solution as a result of the condensation of the water vapor, will be neutralized or killed. Then, just as quickly, because the Lamp is warmer than the ambient air in the room, the water evaporates; the salt re-crystallizes, and the process continues, billions of times, over and over again.

It should be noted that the wattage of the light bulb used in your Himalayan Salt Lamp is selected to match the size, shape, and weight of the Lamp, in order to produce the best results. Too cool a light bulb (not enough watts) and the water will condensate, but not evaporate. The germs will die, but your Lamp will eventually melt (dissolve) over a long enough period of time. Too hot a bulb for the Salt Crystal Lamp and the water vapor will never be able to condensate on the surface. It is like Goldilocks, looking for the bulb that is just right. Fortunately, there is a wide range that works, but it is best to be in that range for optimal performance.

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